Green Initiatives
Our philosophy here is to keep it real. We believe in transparency, sharing ideas, and dreaming big, without forgetting that the little things count.

Buy Local
We strive to use local products and buy from local farmers and fishermen. See our local farms and products page for more info and links!

Kitchen Scraps
All edible food waste is picked up by a local pig farmer nightly

Vegetable Oil Recycling
Spent vegetable oil is picked up to be recycled into bio-fuel

Coffee Grounds
Need some?
Contact Krissi at to arrange pickup

Our herb garden, created by staff members, provides specialty herbs and garnishes to the restaurant

Wine Cork Re-use
We collect wine corks and re-use them in potted plants. They are also available for staff and guests to pick up for use in various art or craft projects... contact us if you'd like some!

Battery & Fuel Reduction
We use rechargeable tea light candles to eliminate the use of fuel for table top lighting. All non-rechargeable batteries are recycled at the Kauai Resource Center.

Don't forget, Puhi Metals Recycling Center accepts residential & business e-waste Monday-Saturday!

Non-Plastic Takeout Containers & Paper Straws
No styrofoam!

Reduce Electricity
We use energy efficient light bulbs wherever possible, we turn off lights in areas not in use, we put our computers to sleep... sometimes it's the little things...

Check out the Solar Parking Structure installed in 2013 by Kauai Coast Resort!

Cardboard, glass, plastic, bimetals, and "HI 5" (deposit) items

Paper Reduction & Re-use
We re-use paper to create paper pads for server use and other office needs, we use the backside of spent menu paper for printing in-house office documents, we shred & compost - we are obsessed with reducing our paper trail!