Hukilau Lanai Kauai Hawaii
Phone: 808.822.0600

Open for dinner: 5pm - 9pm, Tuesday - Sunday

Location: Kauai Coast Resort (map)
520 Aleka Lp, Kapaa HI 96746

Meet our Chefs

Adam Phelps - Sous Chef

Hukilau Start: 2002. 'Enjoys cooking good food for people and making them smile', accomplished saucier, lots of tattoos.

Little known fact: Adam can be seen and heard on Kauai with his band, 'Expendable Youth'.

Regie Anical - Sous Chef

Hukilau Start: 2002. Creative, multi-talented, keeps us entertained with the antics his two sons.

Little known fact: If you see something crazy on the menu, it's probably his dish.

Eliza Vicoy - Sous Chef

Hukilau Start: 2006. Leader of her churches non-profit: Kauai Food Truck Outreach Ministry, feeding the hungry on Kauai. Favorite bible verse: Philippians 4:13.

Little known fact: MVP player of the year for the girls varsity basketball team for Kapaa high school in 2004. Give it your all or just don't do it!

Bobby Krause - Executive Sous Chef

Hukilau Start: 2002. Butcher extraordinaire, Chicago native, long time Hawaii restaurant vet.

Little known fact: Bobby has hit (approximately) 137 home runs in his long career as a recreational baseball player.

Ron Miller - Executive Chef

Hukilau Start: 2002. Penn State grad, salami & sausage guy, steady captain of our ship.

Little known fact: Ron does not play in a band, has only one tattoo, and has never hit a homerun.

Adam Phelps

Regie Anical

Eliza Vicoy

Bobby Krause

Ron Miller